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The Salon Mar Graff show is closing this week–I’m sad to think that my 39 panels are going back into their boxes–but the exhibit went really well. I loved the installation of my paintings and very much enjoyed the work of the other artists in the show. Lots of people came, and I got excellent feedback about my work.

I was also able to get really nice installation and detail photos, some of which are posted on this blog. Click on Orange Arc and Blue Gate in the PAGES section in the column to the left. Sources for these multi-panel works: polyrhythms, Donald Judd, ways to mix taupe, African drumming, handmade minimalism…


(Photos: Dave Robinson)

Salon Mar Graff, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, will be showing some of my new, multi-panel oil paintings in an exhibit that begins Thursday, April 23, 2009. I’m very excited about this show because it will be the first time my latest work will be exhibited anywhere.

The openings are on Thursday, April 23, and Friday, April 24, from 5-8 p.m. The Salon is also having a gourmet supper (amidst the art) on Saturday, April 25, at 7 p.m.; the price for the supper is $30 and RSVP is required. After the first weekend, the show is open by appointment. For more details:

The show is called “Terra-Hedron,” and the other artists in this show are Matthew Chase-Daniel, Samayra Sinclaire, Diane Tintor, and Jim Klukkert.  


My new works are multi-panel series consisting of not quite identical repeats of the same strongly-colored geometric compositions. I was inspired by an encounter with minimalist artist Donald Judd’s 100 nearly identical aluminum boxes, which I saw on a trip to Marfa, Texas, last spring. (I haven’t reached 100 yet, though the Orange Arc series has 25 panels and the Blue Gate series has 14 panels, each 14 x 11 in.)

But my work is far too colorful and inexact to be orthodox minimalism: I sometimes think of it as “handmade minimalism,” or “lyrical minimalism,” or even “minimalist expressionism.” Please come to the Salon Mar Graff show and tell me what you think!

(The header image for this blog shows part of the Orange Arc series. An installation view of part of both series is shown below.) Info on Salon Mar Graff:  25 Big Tesuque Canyon, Santa Fe, NM; 505.955.0471 (John MarGraff). Directions: From Paseo de Peralta, take Bishop’s Lodge Road. One mile past the Bishop’s Lodge Resort, make a right onto Big Tesuque Canyon. At #25, turn left up the long dirt driveway to the Salon.