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On September 6, 2013, Magnetic Drift, a project by the Lady Minimalists Tea Society, will open at Axle Contemporary, Santa Fe’s mobile gallery. The project consists of hundreds of small artworks, each 4×4 in. or smaller, mounted on Axle’s interior walls with magnets. Each of the six of us will put up a grid of her work, and then viewers are invited to move the tiles anywhere they want to make their own compositions. Like the Earth’s magnetic north, the exhibit will drift in unpredictable ways over time–we’re quite curious to see what happens.

Here are a selection of my tiles. I’ve really enjoyed making them: at the end of a painting day, I take leftover oil paint and brush or spread it on small primed masonite panels; after the panels dry, I draw by scratching into the paint. (This project has shown me just how tough dry oil paint is. The tools I use to draw in wet paint aren’t sharp enough to go through dry paint, so I had to buy some etching tools, including a couple tipped with tiny industrial diamonds.)

The tiles will be priced very reasonably, so viewers can afford to take home their compositions.