Danielle at David Richard Contemporary, May 2012

I create geometric abstract paintings and drawings in my studio near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and often think of my work as colorful, handmade minimalism. I am a founding member of the Lady Minimalist Tea Society, a collective of Northern New Mexico women artists who have an aesthetic relationship to minimalism as a core principle. We often show together and have recently exhibited a collaborative work, Magnetic Drift, at Axle Contemporary in Santa Fe.

My own practice of art is enriched by an extremely varied background. After growing up in Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area, I worked or studied in places as different as upstate New York, West Africa, London, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and New Mexico, where I live now. I also traveled widely in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Everywhere I went, I learned from art in its cultural context, whether in a Japanese temple or in the great museums of Europe. My experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana was particularly rich in influences: the geometric abstraction of African sculpture, the polyrhythms of West African music, and the color sensibility of modern African printed fabrics.

Before becoming an artist, I received a B.A. in economics and history and an M.A. in African studies, did graduate work in Middle Eastern history as a Marshall Scholar at the University of London, and worked as a business librarian, freelance writer, and editor. I studied painting, drawing, and color theory in the Bay Area and began exhibiting in 1994.

My award-winning work has been shown in more than 85 exhibits around the U.S. This blog/website shows my work from mid-2008 through early 2015. My current website is www.danielleshelley.com. For my work prior to 2008, see www.absolutearts.com/danielleshelley