When people think of fine art printmaking, they usually think of a printing press. But monotypes are prints that don’t require a press–all my monotypes that you have seen in gallery shows were done using just my hands, rollers, and other hand tools to transfer images to paper.

This Saturday, April 18, I am giving a demonstration in making monotypes without a press at the Community Gallery in the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, on Marcy St. at the corner of Sheridan. The demonstration will be from noon to 4 p.m. There is no charge for attending.

I will be showing techniques that both artists and non-artists can use to create small prints, in the studio or at home. Depending on the number of people who attend, you might even be able to try out some techniques yourself.

The Community Gallery is currently showing large monotypes drawn from the archives of the Monothon, an event that was held for years at the College of Santa Fe, where many fine artists got together to made monotypes. Unfortunately, the Monothon is no longer being held, but you can see excellent examples of the work done by Santa Fe area artists over many years. Sales from this exhibit benefit both the College of Santa Fe (which certainly needs any money they can get) and the Community Gallery, which is run by the city’s Arts Commission.

So come on by!